This vision, as in a picture, was given to me when Kate miscarried a couple of weeks ago. It was very real and comforted my heart, but the picture also spoke to me about us, as adults, when we die, what it might look like to be face to face with our Heavenly Father. Thank you Lord Jesus for Your great sacrifice so we could be forgiven and made clean and stand in Your presence one day.

The scripture that influenced me is found in Acts 26:18-I will rescue you from your own people and from the Gentiles, to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light…Here’s the story…

She opened her eyes and found she was resting in the arms of Someone great…she had no idea who He was until light flooded her eyes and she immediately followed the irresistible impulse to crawl off His lap and fall to her little knees and worship Him. “Holy, holy holy, You are Everylasting Father God. and I love You.”

He reached down and lifted her back up and sat her on His knee. “You are here now with Me, little one, who is now called Liberty.”

Liberty took in His greatness and beauty. “All I remember is darkness and then You in all Your glorious Light.” She nuzzled close to Him and signed. “Where was I?”

He pulled back a veil and pointed. “You were there.”

She peered below and saw two people crying and holding each other. “Oh, I was there with her.” She looked harder. “I remember her soft whispers and she was always talking to you and about you to others. I love her.” She got down as if to get closer. “I remember him too. He loves her very much. I could tell by the way he spoke to her. They whispered a lot to each other. I liked it.”

He released the veil. “They are my children and I love them. You were a special gift to them for a moment, but then you were called home.” He reached down and picked her back up and placed her on His shoulder. “They will grieve for a time over losing you so soon, but I promise to bind their hearts up and heal them.”

As He started walking, Liberty couldn’t help but look around and try and see as much as possible of this glowing, crisp and clear world she was now in. So much light and beauty she couldn’t help but coo, just like a baby. “Were they my daddy and mommy?” She hugged His neck. “And will I see them again?”

“Oh yes, little Liberty. You will and they are.” He reached and opened a type of door.

She looked to the other side and saw so many people waiting in a line with big smiles on their faces. As soon as these people saw them, they started to clap and cheer.

“Oh, they love you too.” She put her small hands together and clapped… for the very first time.

“Liberty, yes, they do love Me with their whole hearts, but, this time they are clapping for you as well.”

Her beautiful big blue eyes grew wide and filled with tears of joy. “Why me? I’m a little one and am not sure why they would be so happy to see me.” She gazed at Her Father. “They know me?”

Thunderous laughs caused her to jiggle on His shoulders, but He had such a good hold on her, that she didn’t fall. “Yes, they know you. The announcement that you arrived came moments ago and they came from all over to see you. You are an important part of their earthly family.” He reached up and lowered her down.

She landed on her feet and walked for the first time. Her toes tickled and she giggled. “Oooh soft.” With a wrinkled little turn-up nose and sweet full smiling lips, she waved in a backward fashion, for, afterall, it was her first wave. “Hi everybody!”

The first person in line stepped forward. “Hi there Libby!” A friendly man with silver hair hoisted her above his head and swung her around.

“Weeee,” she squealed. “Do it again!” and he did.

“I’m your Grandpa Mike!” His grin was large and the sparkle in his blue eyes danced with joy. “I’m so glad you came. We’ll have breakfast together and go and pick flowers in some lovely gardens.” He paused and watched her take it all in.

She nodded with enthusiasm. “Sounds good to me. I bet you did those things with my brothers and sisters.” He nodded and just kept smiling.

“Hi there Liberty.” A small little approached her. She had dark liquid eyes and a ton of bouncy hair. “You’re a little like me and and I’m your cousin Joy.” She smiled a radiant smile. “Your mommy and my mommy are sisters.”

Joy’s little hands reached out to Liberty’s little hands and they started to spin in circles and dance. Giggles spilled out of them and soon everyone was celebrating this little life. Joy turned Liberty around and said, “I’d like you to meet my grandparents, Nana and Papa.”