The Lizzy Grey Chronicles

About the Book, The Lizzy Grey Chronicles

Lizzy Gray lives her with grandmother in a Tudor Estate that looks as though it were transported from England and planted in the Los Angeles Hills. Surrounded by every kind of Tudor or Elizabethan artifact or furniture Lizzy has a hard time relating to the present world. Even her grandmother seems transported from another era.

Lizzy’s mother abandoned her three years ago. As for a father, that’s another secret that her mother took with her when she made her live alone, with her grandmother.

On her sixteenth birthday, Lizzy’s mom comes home, but not to necessarily visit, instead she came to deliver an inheritance that every daughter receives on her sixteenth birthday, a watch brooch.

The watch-brooch supernaturally travels her to three days before Lady Jane loses her life for her faith. In those three days, Lizzy comes face to face with living faith, worth dying for.

Relationships are redeemed, secrets revealed and family faith recovered.

Time Travel

Time travel takes on many forms. Memory is one of its best vehicles. Everyone has had memories that are so vivid that they make you feel in the present: the goosebumps, smells, and emotion make you feel like you just time traveled.

One of my most precious time travel experiences happened when I held my first grand-daughter, Makenna. As I gazed into her lovely face, I saw my daughter 20 years earlier in my arms for the first time. I felt the love flow from my heart into Kate’s and then again into my grand-daughters heart. We were instantly connected by memory and love and future. You do immediately see them with a future. You can’t help it, but you know you have to give that future to Him who made it and planned it before the foundations of the world.

Some of my favorite time travel novels are, A Wrinkle in Time Series, by Madeleine L’Engle, Somewhere in Time, by Richard Matheson, The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells. Loved Jules Verne books especially, Journey to the Center of the Earth. All incredible! There are so many more!

My favorite television show, It’s About Time, was a silly half-hour sitcom-I can still remember the diddy that introduced it.

It’s about time, it’s about space,

About two men in the strangest place.

It’s about time, it’s about flight –

Traveling faster than the speed of light.

And when Star Trek had a series about time travel, there wasn’t much that could match it. And Time Tunnel, with the lovely James Darren, saw every episode.

What about the wildly thrilling, historic and love story movies, like Timeline. That movie had it all. Or, Somewhere in Time, with Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour: they just don’t make them like that anymore. Peggy Sue Got Married was another good one. But the four movies of Back to the Future, took us to the past and future. So much fun!

Mirrors, clocks, gadgets, time warps, black holes, memory, and DeLoreans you name it, have been used to facilitate time travel.

I used a watch. I tried to make my watch unique, one of a kind. Strange, but not too strange, just kind of other-worldly, but made with things of the earth too. And since there is such an antique time warp feel to my story, I decided it would be futuristic with an antiquated twist.


God Heals

My mom on her wedding day 1951 God heals. I experienced it first hand so I really believe it. My friend Belinda prayed for my injured back to be healed and it was whole within minutes. Verified by x-rays! The doc brought me out to the waiting room of people and...

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A Vision concerning my grand-daughter

This vision, as in a picture, was given to me when Kate miscarried a couple of weeks ago. It was very real and comforted my heart, but the picture also spoke to me about us, as adults, when we die, what it might look like to be face to face with our Heavenly Father....

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Studying about Prayer so I can Teach about it

I teach a women’s bible study and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love those women in that study. They asked to study prayer this year and so I’ve been studying about prayer so I can teach them. There is a sense of inadequacy in approaching this subject,...

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Where I grew up, Newhall, Calif., we had lots of onion fields in the day and in the fall when the onions were harvested, the air smelled just like BBQ potato chips. That potent smell of onions evokes powerful memories in me, as well as a hankering for BBQ potato...

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Two Dollars and Fifty-five Cents

My grand-daughter Georgia announced she was rich. She had two dollars and fifty-five cents. “Grammy GiGi, what can I buy?” I thought for a moment and realized I didn’t know, but I told her nevertheless, “Many things!” As my mind will often do, at least for now, :-), I...

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