My mom on her wedding day 1951

My mom on her wedding day 1951

God heals. I experienced it first hand so I really believe it. My friend Belinda prayed for my injured back to be healed and it was whole within minutes. Verified by x-rays! The doc brought me out to the waiting room of people and announced the miracle to them. It was real.

Tonight I prayed for my mama to be healed of her horrible cancer even though I felt that God probably wouldn’t heal her here on earth, but ultimate healing in heaven would be His way, this time.

I say ultimate because even if we’ve been blessed with healthy bodies, whole hearts and beautiful minds, we still need the kind of ultimate healing we’ll receive when we die.

So, why did I feel let down by this ultimate healing when praying for my mom? I guess I can’t imagine life without mom. Why should I, I’ve never lived without her before.

We didn’t have a sweet relationship. But there were times of sweetness. Mother/daughter relationships sometimes take a beating. But there was never a doubt about love between us. Never.

The walls fell this week. Love has never been more tender than it is now. It drips like honey between us as I lift every dropper of water to her lips, with each spoonful of broth spooned in her mouth. And the joy of trust between us as I change her “Special Adult Panties” performed with gentleness and dignity. I was reminded a bit of Shem as he covered his father Noah with dignity and kindness and God blessed him. I feel extraordinarily blessed already.

Not ready, but willing still, to let our mom go to Jesus. Hardest thing I’ve ever done. God is so good to allow this time with her. My siblings are experiencing similar blessings. God is good to heal our hearts while they are breaking into a thousand pieces. I’m weak with grief. But I have hope. I know I’ll see her again. No more strife. No more brokenness. Pure love.

Thanks be to Jesus who died the horrible death and returned by the most powerful resurrection to overcome death and sin for us all, that when we believe and receive this incredible gift, we are ultimately healed by the time we meet Him in heaven. Bless the Lord oh my soul

I’m coming Mama. I’m right behind you. That’s what it will seem like, even if it’s twenty more years on earth…but only a minute in heaven.