My first ‘long term’ hair stylist in Santa Clarita, California worked at a shop called New Beginnings. I found her when I desperately needed someone to correct a horrible perm job that another ‘not-so-good’ stylist did.

I remember looking like a standard size poodle fresh from the “poodle” parlor. The shop’s name, New Beginnings, rang true for me that day not just because I no longer looked like a poodle but I also found my new stylist.

She made me look great and was fun to talk to but Janie did more than hair. She knew me so well that when I walked in one day, she diagnosed me before I could sit in the chair, took me to the doctor and the doctor confirmed her suspicions. I had hypo-tyroidism and still do. I started on Synthroid that day and have had the dosage increased a few times in the last twenty years. Thank you Janie for being that good!

I moved to Boise, Idaho and needed a new stylist. I was very fortunate because Tracy, my hair stylist now, is super wonderful. Kiley, my eldest daughter, found her first. Thanks Kiley.

Her shop’s name is ‘Hair Peace’. She takes very good care of me and thank God, hasn’t had to diagnose any illnesses. We small talk and I get to relax and have a little ‘peace’. She does more than my hair. I now need my lip and brows waxed and I also appreciate that Tracy examines my chin and neck really close to make sure all the long black hairs are plucked. I feel great when I leave.

Nancy, Joanie, Gayle, Jana, and now Elizabeth all use Tracy. Evidence that when I find someone good, everyone knows about it.

I think it’s important to acknowledge these precious people who work so hard and do a great job for so many people. So thank you to our stylists and so many other great people who serve us so faithfully.