Monday, Monday

Monday’s never quite come together the way I want them to. I always hear the Mama’s and the Papa’s singing that famous song-but it’s not the first verse-Monday, Monday so good to me…no-it’s the second verse~ Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day…

Monday’s are notorious for setting the week up for success or failure. Am I putting too much stock in this idea? I don’t think so. I can’t help but think about all the past years~ especially since I’ve been in real estate~ Monday needs to be organized and productive to make sure the rest of the week goes well. Anyway, that’s what this strange voice says in my head.

So today, Monday, February 28th, found me spinning my wheels, going in circles, toiling in vain-what other idioms can I come up with to get my point across. I think you get where I’m going. I have smart friends! 

We all have days that get spent in disorder and minutia and when all is said and done, nothing gets done! But don’t let it happen on Monday. Any other day is fine? Maybe not fine, but better than Monday.

It all started when I spent the whole morning showing property and then I found out that nothing was available. So sad! But even more than that, I wasted so much time. And so did my clients. I felt bad.

Then I completed some not so exciting errands and because I was feeling so bad, I made my way to one of my favorite afternoon lunch sites~ Rembrandts. Yum! I ordered the Salad de Jeanette. It’s a scrumptious spinach salad and fits really well into my Weight Watchers diet. Oh, that’s the other thing. I woke up and weighed myself and gained .80 of a pound. Not the best beginning to this Monday. But lunch was beginning to turn things around.

The Rembrandts server asked how my day was going. Up to this point, I hadn’t thought much about it. That’s when I realized that my Monday was a mess and I told him so. After all, he asked.

I said, “Have you ever had a day that just didn’t work out the way you wanted it and you found yourself driving all over the valley accomplishing nothing.”

He said, “Yea-it happens. Hey, sorry you’re having that kind of day. I hope it gets better. It can get better.”

Sweet boy! He was so right. I actually remembered what Edmund Spenser said all those centuries ago. “For there is nothing lost that can not be found again if sought.”

Okay. What was lost? Peace!! Sweet Peace! And guess what~ I know the God of Peace!! Oh sweet God of Peace. Thank you for rescuing me from going down the drain of hopelessness.

I took my yummy salad back to my office and worked hard to get all my work done and even put some possible deals together. Still waiting on those…we will see.

Now let’s start over…Monday, Monday, so good to me. Nah-God is good to me, not Mondays. And I’m sticking to it. Monday, or any day for that matter is the pits without God in it!!

God bless the rest of your week!!