Psalm 131:2-
I’ve cultivated a quiet heart,
Like a baby content in its mother’s arms,
my soul is a baby content.

I panicked! I tend to panic when I’m tired and something big comes my way that I can’t control. (I can control the little things-Yea right-I’ve been duped!)

I start huffing and puffing. I talk loud with my hands and my mouth. These are all signs of a prideful gal!! And a prideful gal cannot have a quiet heart.

A quiet heart comes from a person who is surrendered and confident in the Lord, not in self.

A quiet heart is cultivated by a person who knows how to wait on the Lord and not step in front of Him.

A quiet heart is content and not anxious about every little-or big-thing.

See-I told you. I panicked. But then He showed me in his quiet way that He was there waiting for me to surrender.

I surrender. He washed His way into my heart and brought calm amidst the storm. I threw myself into His embrace and He caught me. (Only God can catch me.) ;-))

His will be done-Not mine. Sometimes it’s obvious who I think I am-then I realize that He is the I AM. Not me.

1 Peter 5:7-cast all your cares and anxieties on Him for He cares for you.
Why do I forget? Lord, help me to remember before I panic-then You will help me not panic!