This is a synopsis of the book I am writing. I am at 41,000 words-with at least 10,000 more to go. My readers are young adults plus. The relationships and circumstances are complicated enough to attract readers of all ages.

My inspiration for this book occurred while I read Knowledge of the Holy, by Tozer. Tozer said that God saw the present, past and future all at one time because He is eternal. He doesn’t have to look back or look ahead, He sees all, all the time, and sovereignly rules over all, all the time. He is the all in all.

Somehow, that spurred this thought of time travel in my imagination. God created time for us~HE does not exist in time, we do~He transcends time~we can too if He wants us too. Of course, this is my imagination portion and not so true, though, if we read in Acts about Stephen being transported by the Holy Spirit from one place to another, maybe, we are not so far away from what God is able to do. Ha! One can imagine all she wants.

SO, here is the synopsis. Here is why I am writing my blog. Here is the reason why I would love for you to travel along with me.

Lizzy Grey hasn’t seen her mom for three years. She has never seen her father, nor does she know who he is. These are hard facts for a girl of any age, yet Lizzy is strong, has a great imagination and survives even at the hand of her seemingly hard-hearted grandmother, whom she lives with. On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, her mom arrives unannounced to Lizzy’s birthday dinner. Lizzy is thrilled to see her but soon realizes that her mother really came to deliver a mysterious timepiece which, unbeknownst to mostly everyone, has time traveling powers. According to her grandmother, there has always been a Grey girl to receive the timepiece throughout the ages. How long, no one seems to know. Travel with Lizzy as she experiences the past, discovers enduring faith, and all she learns changes her life forever.

Thanks for reading.