I’ve worked the majority of my life as most of you probably have. I really don’t mind it either, though I have dreamed of leisurely days and no money worries.

Have you ever thought what you would do if you didn’t work?

Would you play with your grand kids, Garden, Travel, Volunteer, or Golf?

Read the News Paper? Sleep in? Write? Play the guitar or piano?

Crossword puzzles? Scrabble? Start a dinner club? Stay up late?

Go to a foreign country and assist in building, aiding, teaching, or anything that might help.

You see where I’m going.

Sure you do, because you all do all or some of these things and you still work. Would you do them more? Maybe.

So, what’s my point? I really don’t have one. I just needed some perspective.

I am thankful I can work.

I meet new people everyday-Great people. Sure, I help them buy or sell their homes but I also get the opportunity to know them and many become good friends.

I love working but I think if I didn’t work, I would still be productive and find ways to meet new people.  

I do have older friends that seem to enjoy their retirement days. As a matter of fact, I met Joan through a friend’s referral and sold a sweet home to her. She has become my friend.

Joan is one that easily comes to mind. She fills her day with…her friends, day trips, reading her Bible, swimming in her pool, gardening, enjoying her kids and grand’s, travel, sleeping in, emailing and surfing the web, and volunteering at the Food Pantry. She also enjoys good walks with her faithful companion, Callie the Cocker Spaniel.

She is happy and knows she’s blessed. She doesn’t take anything for granted. Every time I visit her, she enthusiastically greets me and treats me to a yummy treat and coffee.

Her days are filled with good things and good friends. She is genuinely a joyous person.

She loves God and allows Him to direct her ways.

The leisurely life sounds good.

Maybe that’s the Truth whether you work or not.

My heart’s desire is to spend my day with Him and trust Him with everything whether in leisure or at work.

I don’t have the short answer-I don’t even have the long answer.

But, I do believe the answer begins with knowing Him. Trusting Him! Also, depending on every word written in His Book. They are TRUTH together.

I know He does the rest when we give Him the lead.

Help me to trust you more. Thank you that I can work but I also know you are the Provider. Thank you my husband can work and has a job!! Thank you Blessed Redeemer!!