My grand-daughter, Georgia, is not only beautiful, but also very precious. 

Two Easters ago, when she was one year old; I took her to the backyard to see the flowers. Georgia saw a daffodil, toddled up to it, cupped it in her small hands and said, “Hey” in the softest baby voice. She kept saying ‘hey’ like she was waiting for a response. I was mesmerized by her sweetness and her affection for that yellow daffodil. 

She loves flowers more than any one thing. I have no doubt that each of her future children will be called Lily, Violet, Rose, but hopefully not Daffodil. If she has boys, maybe she can name him Bud. I have no idea. She is obsessed! 

Her family went to the zoo on Saturday and the animals were really out and quite noisy. Georgia’s parents were pointing to the Lion and Georgia yelled…as she pointed to a little yellow flower…“Mommy, it’s a dandelion. Isn’t it beautiful?” She’d have more fun at a Nursery. Hey, that’s a great idea for an outing. 😉 

When she plays house with her siblings, she is not a mommy or sister, she is a flower. 

This Easter Day, Georgia ran out to the backyard and out of all the flowers in the garden, she came in with a dandelion. I have a picture of her with it posted above. 

I was just thinking that maybe she could name her son, Dandy. 🙂 

Today, in church, she stood next to me. She was dressed in a dandelion yellow skirt-she matched her two sisters and Mommy-her Mommy made them. She swayed during the worship music. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, but then I took her cue and swayed to the music and worshipped God. 

I love her golden hair, blue eyes, little turn-up nose and sweet rosebud lips, but more than anything I love her heart. She’s always happy, sort of carefree, and very loving and she adores flowers just like her grandma Gigi, that’s me. 

She is but one of seven grand’s and I learn from them all the time. I look for the lessons God has for me. Their faith, their funniness, their uniqueness, speaks God’s love to me.    

If you have any children in your life, listen and watch them…and learn!!!