Readers beware-extensive bragging ahead! 

Our son, Bill Jr. just came up for a visit. It was whirlwind, too fast for my hubby, who shed tears on his pillow knowing Bill was leaving the next day, but it was well worth it to see him and just be with him for 48 hrs. 

We are proud of Bill. That’s a simple but an true statement and here’s why. 

At the age of nineteen, he told us he was moving to Los Angeles in search of a harder life. What kid says that? Bill, that’s who! Life was too comfortable with us, he said, and he needed a leaner life to be a better musician. What passion! 

We gave him our blessing with a bit of fear and trepidation. Prayed for him and let him go. Not easy! 

We thought he would come home as most children seem to do, but he didn’t. He did come to Idaho for a respite and we enjoyed having him, but then he was gone again. We are glad for that short period because in essence Idaho became home for us. 

He has toured successfully with several bands, recorded several albums, and has virtually seen the whole of Europe many times, not to mention, a whole lot of the U.S.A. 

When he’s not touring, he holds down a job with an excellent work ethic and he is very frugal with his money. He rarely asks us for money and when he has, he is always grateful and humble. 

We have a wonderful son. He is loving and kind toward his family. He enjoys his nieces and nephews and is quick to give them extra attention. It is a testament to the kind of person he is that they love him and want to be around him. Makenna writes him poems, Eli jams with him and the other little ones clamor for his attention.  His sisters and their husbands enjoy him so much. Truly a blessing to watch. 

We appreciate that he comes to visit us and enjoys being with us. It means the world to us for we love him and miss him so much. Before he got out of the car to catch his plane he told me he loved his family. Well, we love you too. 

Bill’s musical abilities are an inspiration. What a gift he has. He is patient and determined to make it in the music industry and we love his passion for it. He sacrifices creature comforts and practices many hours every day. 

This guy has passion and talent. 

He is not your typical musician in that he is on time, thinks of others, gives what he’s got, and tries not to eat too much because there might be leaner times. The music industry is scary to us but he seems to maneuver through it well. 

Sometimes you just need brag a bit about your children to let them know how wonderful you think they are and how special they are in your lives. 

A day does not go by when we don’t miss him and in that missing, pray for God’s grace to shine on him and keep him till we meet again. 

Thank you for reading our brag page on such a wonderful son! I warned you! 

We love you son!! I hope you don’t mind me sharing my heart with as much of the world as I can! Mom