I’ve been busy. Business is going well, but I also took a couple of months to get the first fifthteen  pages of my work in progress (My Novel) ready for a contest with American Christian Fiction Writers.

I got it done and then burned out. Editing is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But that’s another story.

I’m reading Matthew Henry’s Method for Prayer. The very first part of prayer, Mr. Henry writes, is to approach God with adoration, reverence and awe.

I pondered this for awhile and examined my own method of approach.

Thoughts of me, me, and me came to mind. Or should I say, I,
I and I. 🙂

I need. I want. See what I mean.

Sometimes I thank God and praise Him, but if I’m in a hurry,
I get right down to business. You probably know what I mean.

Adoration takes time.

Time to think and ponder the marvelous God that I love.

Time to think about who He is and how great He is. Adore Him not just with thanksgiving
but with acknowledgement of who He is and how much He deserves and wants my
adoring words and heart.

“O you who are the true God, the living God, the one only living and true God, and the everlasting King.” Jeremiah 10:10

“O Lord our God, You are very great; You are clothed with splendor and majesty, covering Yourself with light as with a cloak” Psalm 104:1-2

These are adoring words from Psalms. The Book is chalked full of adoration. How wonderful to use His own words to sing His praises and love on Him the way He deserves. Jeff Steele, our pastor of many years, taught us how to use the Word of God to pray and praise many years ago. Mr. Henry has just reminded me of this marvelous truth.

I so want to incorporate this adoration in my time with Him, but it requires the T word.


I waste a lot of time. We all do. But what I want to do is bestow adoration to the God I love with my time.

I don’t want to do it as an act of my will. That isn’t love or adoration. Can you imagine loving your friends or your mate that way? They’d know I was ingenuine. Well, God knows my heart.

My heart longs to approach God in love and adoration. To adore Him and let Him know it. To make the time for Him because He is the lover of my soul.

Great is the Lord and worthy to be praised…and adored!