Almost twenty years ago, good friends fell on hard times and lost their home. I remember  thinking several things, but one wrong thing I thought was; can they recover and survive under the loss?

I know, pretty shallow, right? I was young! Not a good enough excuse? Ok, my understanding of God was shallow. I didn’t know how ABLE GOD was to carry them.

They did survive. I would say they flourished. I don’t know what they would say. I’m sure it wasn’t all done well. They probably suffered in many ways that we all have. Loss of faith in each other, maybe. A feeling that God let them down. That they let their family down, or each other. Only they know what happened these last many years, but we can all see the outcome.

This couple hung tight during the storm. They raised sweet kids, worshipped the Lord, and stayed together. Not easy. But through it all, I see an enlarged view of God, a good marriage, and children who are blessed to have parents that fought the good fight, and beleived that staying together would be worth it.

I see the faithfulness of a good God! I know they do too. And it was worth it. Not only did they just celebrate their anniversary of 25 years, but they are buying their first new home in almost 20 years. They worked hard all these years, rented, and trusted the Savior of their souls. God bless them.

I know so many of you have suffered even more loss than these dear people. God is inifinetly here for you. He can carry you through the greatest lost. He understands loss because He lost too. Jesus, His, only son, suffered, died, for us! We need redeeming! We need someone to save us from doom. Jesus saves. Trust Him with your greatest loss. He is trustworthy and good. He carries us. He cares for us. Confess your sin, repent, and be saved by the only God who can save!