My daughter, Kate, recently told me she was praying PEACE for me. She knows I’m facing surgery this Friday…my 11th. Don’t get me wrong, though it’s many surgeries, I know people who’ve had more!! And not all surgeries are equal. But I digress…I love saying that. 🙂

The truth is, I get anxious about the Anesthesia, and the pain in recovery is a big one too. I worry about the inconvenience. (I won’t even go into the part about my poor hubby waiting on me hand and foot.GRATEFUL!) Being self-employed, I’m it. I’m not a good sitter or layer. I’m a doer. Don’t understand naps. I need to though.

The verse, “Be still and know I’m God” is hard for me. The ‘be still’ part is important, I know it’s those quiet still times before Him that make the most difference in the intimacy portion of my relationship with Him and the deeper truths of His Word become dearer.

My dear Savior is calling me to this quiet time because He loves me. He calls me to draw near to Him and He’ll, in turn, draw near to me. That’s when the anxiety is silenced. My heart calms down and gains confidence in His love. He comforts me and tells me He’s got me covered from head to toe. He knows the plans He has for me and will not be remiss. I’m beginning to feel His presence and trust Him more as He stills my heart. Nothing is too big for Him. He’s with me till the end and forever and I know it now. Thank you for the peace that comes from God alone. The world can’t match it. I’m depending on Him for it. His peace is for the world and it’s yours and mine for the asking. Ah! I can sleep. Love to you all. Peace!!