I’m a Realtor by profession and I just had the first-time experience of selling my own home and buying another, for my hubby and me. It was hard. Oooh, it was hard on so many levels… The experience falls somewhere in the “Cobblers Children have no shoes” category, or “Mechanics cars are always broken down”…etc. You get my drift? Representing yourself probably wasn’t a good idea, because buying and selling a home is incredibly emotional, let alone your own. I won’t go into the details, but I will say, I was humbled.

When we took possession of our new home this week, the sellers brought us in, gave us a sweet treat and prayed with us. AWESOME! and again, humbling. When Mr. Seller prayed he thanked God for this temporary “tent” and blessed it as it would serve Bill and I as our tent until we have our permanent residence in heaven. Well, we were all in tears. They had tears because they raised their family in this home and it held many memories for them. We had tears because we’re big babies! 🙂

Our homes do become very important to us. I heard on the radio the other day that only 5% of the world’s population owns a home and a car. So, we are very privileged indeed. But, do our homes have to be so important that they grab our hearts in ways that might not be healthy? Might be sin, but that’s not for me to say about you…just about me.

Heart check-ups are personal. No one but God and you and give the exam, but I think it’s important. Psalms 26:6:Examine me, O LORD, and try me; Test my mind and my heart.

Homes are blessings! They often reflect who we are. We raise our families in them and or find refuge from the crazy world. But…

Maybe they aren’t “possessions” in the way we think they should be. We tend to hide behind our doors or drive our cars directly into the garages to shut the world out. Reminder TO SELF: Get to know my new neighbors.

What I’m trying to convey is we need to keep our “tents” opened for whatever purpose God might have them used for…not closed. Again, only God knows what that looks like for you and for me. Keeping your home open might be inviting your family to live with you for a couple of months because they are in between homes. (Like Bill and I) (Thanks Kate and Bret and family and Grammy Laurie for sharing.) Or, like a family I know, they took in a single mom-to-be, so she had a safe place to wait out the birth of her baby. Anyway, this is hospitality and looks very different to many people.

I’m a Realtor, so obviously I’m all for owning a home, but I desire to serve God with it also. Even more than I have in the past. Maybe God has new opportunities. Let’s be open to them.